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Post #21  Post subject: Re: Tax Plan
PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 5:47 am 
NOW...Do you remember Paul Ryan talking so much about "kicking the can down the road" referring to the national debt....this deal here, which he cheered for passing, Kicks the can so hard you can't tell what it even is!!!

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Post #22  Post subject: Re: Tax Plan
PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:41 am 
Something to keep in mind, these breaks for corporations and the rich is being justified because they are responsible for creating jobs, ....maybe. But if you do the research and consult experts they will tell you that it is spending by the middle class, the demand for products by the middle class that drives job growth. It is the middle class that is responsible for job growth.

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Post #23  Post subject: Re: Tax Plan
PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:29 pm 
Hip wrote:
It is the middle class that is responsible for job growth.
I agree. When the middle class has money they want to buy more products. But at the same time Corporations need more money to expand facilities and hire more workers to produce more products for the middle class to buy, which works out for everybody, except liberals... :shrug: One thing that has kept our growth stagnant so many years is that Corporations were taxed so high they couldn't compete in other countries or even here. That's why we are flooded with products from just about every country in the world except our own. But with lower competing tax rates American made products made by American workers should soon be able to compete around the world which will mean Corporations will need even more facilities and need to hire even more American workers. Which also means we should start seeing our job growth and our annual economy start rising from the stagnant sub par 1% or whatever it has been the last 8 or ten years or maybe longer.

Hip wrote:
Why was our break not permanent like that of higher income folks? With the upswing in the economy, with the decrease of unemployment with rise of the stock market now is not the time to cut antibodies taxes. This is the time to pay down on the debt, this tax break greatly reduces the countries revinew, and you can bet Trump will propose a great increase in the Pentigons budget. This tax plan will add trillions to our debt in a time we should be taking advantage of to reduce it.
Our tax cut isn't permanent because Democrats wouldn't work with Republicans to make it permanent. So Republicans had to use the Reconciliation Rule to pass the tax bill with a simple majority. And being forced by Democrats to have to use the Reconciliation Rule meant the bill couldn't exceed 1.5 trillion dollars over 10 years, so some of the tax cuts had to expire in 10 years. The reason it was the middle class cuts that expire (which can be extended at the end of that 10 year period) instead of Corporate taxes is that it doesn't do much for the economy and treasury if the middle class has money but Corporations don't have the money to hire works and expand facilities in order to keep up with middle class and world demand. But keep Corporate taxes low and they can hire new workers and expand facilities which will end up putting more money into the economy and into US Treasury than an extended tax cut for the middle class would. Keeping Corporate taxes low is a win win situation for them, for American workers, and for the US Treasury. Liberal politicians don't like the idea of tax cuts as a way to spur the economy because they had rather keep the money so they can dole it out as welfare in exchange for votes....

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