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Post #1  Post subject: Trump
PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2018 11:34 pm 
I just don't like him. I know lots here do and that's a good thing, its good to be faithful to our president I just cant seem to do it this go round. My most recent gripes. He's spent exactly 100 days at the golf course so far since he swore in. That's not a real bad thing I guess but he promised her wouldn't have time to golf and said he wouldn't want to leave Washington once elected he would be too busy to golf, he ragged Obama for golfing too much and has now passed his 8 year golfing in his first year. Next, Putin anounces he has new strategic weapons, he says if we strike at one of his allies like North Korea they will give us an imeadiate nuclear response, so how does Trump respond? He gets in a twitter tweet war with Alec Baldwin the actor :smack: ok heres a good one hot off the press. Trump says the new Chinese leader is now president for life, he thinks that's great and says maybe we'll try that over here. :no: Well some good news, the GOP says they will have a challenger to Trump in 2020. lets just hope its not Charles Barkley or somebody. Anywho I guess I'll live, but I think we're in trouble and its coming to a head. His kids had their top security clearance pulled this last week. More top officials jumped ship, one says it was common for her to lie for Trump, it goes on and on. Oh a good thing, all that stuff about gun policies all that stuff he said he would like to see, he doesn't want to see it now, a short meeting with the NRA and he has reversed his stand...again. I swear to God the man is a charlatan. And that's going easy on him.

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Post #2  Post subject: Re: Trump
PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:08 am 
I don't like him either Hip. If he came in my yard I wouldn't invite him on my porch. I don't like his lack of character and I don't like the way he bullies and talks down to people. But I do like the fact that he's not a politician and not part of the Washington establishment. I like that he's a little unpredictable and shoots from the hip sometimes and isn't beholden to either major party. I also like the fact he's not beholden to big money. But what I like most about him is his attempt to put America and Americans first again and his attempt to bring some traditional values and common sense back into government. The same values and common sense that made and kept America great for so long until liberalism raised it's ugly anti-American head in our country.

The most dangerous part of his presidency isn't his policies and executive orders that can all be overturned by the next congress and administration in just 3 short years from now, if that's what we the people choose to do, it's the dangerous anti-democracy obstructionist precedent being set under his presidency by the left using their hate for him as an excuse for their anti democracy shenanigans. Liberal obstructionism is dangerous because it will become the norm from now on regardless of which party is in power. And if the left's Me first - America last policies are ever allowed to win out over American democracy it will either turn us into an ungovernable 3rd world country or it will drive us to a state run media under a one party dictatorial rule no different than Russia, China, North Korea, or Iran where no one will be physically safe from the state or have any rights other than those given to them by the ruling party kept in power with sham elections. And yes Hip, if our democracy survives the current assault on it from the left you'll live through Trump's presidency just like I lived through Obama's.

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Post #3  Post subject: Re: Trump
PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:47 am 
Personally I'm with you WW on how I feel about Trump. I also think he averted the biggest disaster ever to be aimed at the United States in the form of Hilary Clinton's anointment of President by the left, the media and herself.

If I am to be insulted; first I must value your opinion.

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Post #4  Post subject: Re: Trump
PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 1:53 pm 
I did not vote for Trump as much as I voted against Hillary and socialism. I think he is not doing a very good job but then his own party is fighting him along with the Democrats, all the liberal hate groups, the hate media and everything else. I really don't care if he takes on critics on social media but not at the expense of taking care of the countries business. IMO that is the wave of the future politics and all the Washington crowd is doing it is just that every move he makes is pounced on by the liberals and belabored to the point of nausea.
Actually the whole political arena at this time is sickening. As an example now we have the Oscars coming up with yet another Hollywood liberal feeding frenzy that has nothing to do with politics but has been twisted into nothing more. The most degenerate perverted industry in the world trying to tell America what is right.

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