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Post #1  Post subject: Results from two cases of CWD reversed, disease not detected
PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 6:02 pm 
LITTLE ROCK – Two white-tailed deer previously identified as CWD positive during the Arkansas modern gun deer season opener have tested negative for chronic wasting disease during confirmation tests performed earlier this week. The announcement was made during Wednesday’s regularly scheduled committee meetings of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

One of Marion County’s two CWD-positive samples and the lone positive sample in Yell County from those taken during opening weekend of the 2016-17 deer season have been reversed, due to results from immunohistochemistry (IHC) tests sent to verify the initial findings.

“We submit samples to a laboratory that conducts the ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) method as a screening test. This ELISA test has the ability to process a large number of samples at a quick rate, and can produce a specificity exceeding 99 percent,” said Cory Gray, deer program coordinator for the AGFC. “But, in some cases, the confidence level in a sample result can be low. In those situations, we follow up the ELISA test with the IHC test to ensure an accurate test result. In addition, anytime we receive a CWD-positive suspect in a new county, we send an additional sample collected from that animal to run the IHC test. The IHC is extremely accurate and reliable – the gold standard in regard to CWD testing – but the downside is that it may take weeks before sample results are received versus a few days with ELISA.”

In two of the resubmitted samples, the IHC test came back clean. During the AGFC’s first detection of the disease in February, additional samples also were sent for confirmation testing to ensure accurate results before the AGFC’s first announcement to the public.

The identification of these false positives will help the AGFC’s future detection of the disease, and any samples that indicate CWD at a low threshold in ELISA testing will be resubmitted for further analysis. Currently, the AGFC has one additional sample from Searcy County waiting for IHC testing as a follow-up from the initial ELISA results.

The reversal of the Yell County sample results offers some relief from biologists’ fears that the disease had crossed the Arkansas River.

“The river really doesn’t pose a huge barrier because deer can swim pretty well,” Gray said. “But anything that can slow the spread of the disease a little more is always welcome. Research in other states suggests that rivers, roads and ridges may serve as barriers, hindering the spread of the disease.”

The AGFC has collected samples from 1,592 road-killed deer, 298 deer reported as sick by the public and 1,136 samples from hunter-harvested animals. To date, 150 white-tailed deer and six elk have been confirmed with CWD in Arkansas.

“We do have 394 samples taken by cooperating taxidermists that we are still waiting on results from,” Gray said. “And the Missouri Department of Conservation has taken 47 samples from Arkansas deer that were transported across the state line by Missouri hunters.”

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Post #2  Post subject: Re: Results from two cases of CWD reversed, disease not detected
PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:11 pm 

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Post #3  Post subject: Re: Results from two cases of CWD reversed, disease not detected
PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:14 pm 
Good news for Yell County where I hunt..... :thumbup: But still there's not near enough bein' done in a timely manner by G&F to establish actual CWD boundaries for me to get too excited yet... Seems it would be important to immediately establish those boundaries and not just let it spread unimpeded to other areas...Why are they bein' so non nonchalant in their approach to defining actual CWD boundaries? Hunter samples are great, but they don't come again for another year. And when they didn't get the samples they wanted the one weekend they collected them this season, instead of kickin' it in high gear and figurin' out a way to up the count they simply packed up and went back to Little Rock with the majority of the season yet to come. What am I missing here?????

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Post #4  Post subject: Re: Results from two cases of CWD reversed, disease not detected
PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, 2016 5:58 am 
WW I don't think you are missing a thing. IMO AGFC missed the mark. When the news broke back in February you could not hide from all the media coverage. Come deer season and there was hardly anything. Very few sampling stations, voluntary, two days effort, way to many people at the few stations they had and so forth.

It is just my impression that the powers almost do not care. Well either you do or you don't and AGFC needs to decide. Get serious about determining the scope of the problem or leave us alone about it. There are a almost 183,000 deer reported checked so far this year. A real attempt would have had no problem obtaining a whole lot more samples than have been. I think I smell a rat just not sure where the rat is.

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Post #5  Post subject: Re: Results from two cases of CWD reversed, disease not detected
PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:07 am 
So once again AGFC is under the trust cloud. I just do not trust them to manage our States resources any longer. Lord know the have the funding.

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